Customer testimonials


"After a year of attempting to track down a tree removal specialist, I was referred to Miles. As a new business owner, he was incredibly efficient, professional, and tidy. The project required taking down a very sick, but much loved, red maple tree, and he made the entire experience seamless and less emotional. I am thrilled to recommend him to anyone I know." 

-Kay M.


"We have one tree on the south west side of our house. It's a nice old walnut tree. Only problem is that its a bit to close to the house for how big it has become. Branches were starting to rub on the house, and interfere with people who wanted to sit on the western 1/3 of my deck. Lucky for me, Miles Tree was able to climb it, and cut branches from over the house, and deck without an issue, and still maintain the shade, as well as the appearance I was so afraid of losing if we had cut it down in it's entirety."

"We have always been the type of people that did our own tree cutting. My husband has been cutting trees, and burning them for heat for years. That said, the monster maple tree in our front yard was something different, It was too risky take car of on our own. With the risk of falling out of it, dropping it on the house, garage, or trees we wanted to keep, we decided to call in a professional. Miles was able to cut out all the dead, and dangerous branches without putting our family, or belongings at risk. Best of all, he was willing to remove the brush while leaving all the bigger chunks so we could use them in  our wood stove and fire pit. Thanks Miles for your hard work and attention to detail."

-Michelle R.  


"Miles is definitely a rare gem...his direct communication is prompt, and follow-up is impeccable. I'm very impressed with what he has built, and all my friends have been absolutely satisfied with his tree trimming and removal work!"

-Kayla W.


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