Call (608) 799-5538

Call (608) 799-5538

Call (608) 799-5538Call (608) 799-5538Call (608) 799-5538

Professional La Crosse Tree Service

Veteran Owned and Fully Insured

what we do

Tree Trimming


We are able to trim a complete variety of trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. Great for insect control!

Tree Removal


Complete removal of dead or diseased trees or vegetation, removal for new construction or to provide clearance with none to minimal damage to your lawn.

Stump Grinding


Excavation of the stump of your tree without root removal. The stump is ground down to your desired height. Additional stump grinding services can be ordered a la carte!

24 Hour Emergency Tree Care


We offer  quick emergency response services for collapsed and fallen, cracked, or split trees and branches, storm damage, and disaster clean up. Contact us for a free tree risk and health assessment today before this happens!

Aerial and Climbing Services


Using sophisticated climbing and rigging techniques to gain access to work areas we are able to cut away your dead or excess branches to improve the appearance, health, and value of your trees.  We also offer lift rental and climbers for hire.

Cleanup and Beautification


Debris clean up left from other companies or storm damage, wood removal, and alternative labor not listed. We accommodate various client requests, just call and ask!