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About ME


Who We Are

Miles Tree is owned and operated by Miles and Dakota Putnam, local residence of the La Crosse area. Both Graduates of Logan High. Miles is a veteran of Both the US Navy (USS Nimitz) and the US Army (10th Mountain Division). Dakota is a veteran of the US Marine Corps (3/7 Infantry Battalion). After the military, Miles went on to wild land fire fighting. Working for both the National Park Service and Forrest Service. Our experiences have shaped the way we conduct our day to day operations, providing honest and detail oriented work.


What We Do

At Miles Tree we care about our customers and providing you with a great experience. We do everything from full removals, trim's, storm damage, area beautification and stump grinding. 



Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service you are proud of.  We care about the quality of our work, from lawn preservation to a detailed clean up of the work area. We carry all required insurance for all tree work and are able to provide you with proof of insurance.

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